Outline of a typical meeting:

Sergeant – at – Arms calls meeting to order and introduces Chair of the meeting

Reading and Approval of Minutes
Welcome Guests
Grammarian introduces word of the day
Table Topics Master runs table topics – a section of the meeting devoted to speaking off the cuff
Recess – There will be a recess for 10-minutes

Educational Portion of the Meeting – Speakers present speeches
Toastmaster introduces all speakers
Speaker #1
Speaker #2
Speaker #3

Evaluation Portion of the meeting – Speakers are evaluated to help them improve in future speeches
Toastmaster turns control to General Evaluator
Evaluator #1
Evaluator #2
Evaluator #3
Timer’s report
General Evaluator’s remarks
Grammarian’s report

General Evaluator returns the control of the meeting to Chair
Awards: Best Table Topics, Best Speech, Best Evaluator
Invitation to guests
Guest comments
Announcements for the good of toastmasters
Next week’s agenda
Adjourn Meeting