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20th Anniversary Party

20TH Anniversary banner


McMaster Toastmasters 20th Anniversary Party (only a few months late) was held on July 7th, 2017 at past member and Club Mentor Jonathan Speigel’s house.
Pictures can be found, suitably enough, at the ‘Pictures’ tab.



Wired Reports on new app that helps to improve speaking skills

The Orai app is designed  to help people to improve speech clarity (or enunciation), reduce filler words, adjust the speaking rate and increase vocal energy.

It looks like a good application to work on physical speech skills on your own time, so you can use your time at Toastmasters to practice presentation skills.

Unfortunately, it’s not available for Android phones yet, but if you go to the Orai web site, you can ask for a notification when it is ready.

Full Wired article here